Building with an innovation mindest, Neurophth is focused on new technologies (including gene therapy) and unmet medical needs, and actively committed to the global commercialization of all products.

As a fast-growing innovative biotech company, Neurophth is well positioned to:

  • Co-development and/or co-commercialization both in and outside of China
  • Accelerate process development, clinical development and commercialization under international quality standards
  • Enter the large China market with agile end-to-end strategy from R&D to commercialization

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Our Core Competencies
  • Deep understanding of gene therapies for ophthalmic diseases
  • Extensive list of programs in rare and common ocular diseases
  • Potential extension to other diseases beside blindness

Gene Therapy Platform

  • AAV vector optimized for intravitreal administration
  • Structural based design in AAV capsids to overcome gene therapy limitations
  • 2 investigator-initiated studies of 168 patients demonstrating consistent safety, efficacy and 7-year durability of AAV technology

CMC Platform

  • Building up the robust manufacturing process and supply chain of AAV vectors to meet international quality standards
  • Scaling up in-house manufacturing process to support future commercial demand globally
  • Industry-leading team (~70% of the executive management has overseas experience) with gene therapy and drug-development expertise
  • 240+ employees (~57% with Ph.D. or M.S. degree) across Wuhan, Shanghai, Suzhou and the U.S.