Special interview with Dr. Patrick Yu-Wai-Man on International LHON Awareness Day
Source:   Release Date: 2022-09-21

September 19th is International LHON Awareness Day. LHON is a debilitating disease that leads to quick vision loss concomitantly or successively. It mostly impacts young adolescent males and brings tremendous physical and psychological stress to the patients.
There has been no effective treatment for the disease. Fortunately, with the advance of new technology, gene therapy emerges as an effective and safe treatment.
Neurophth Therapeutics, Inc. is a leading biotech focusing on addressing rare ocular diseases including LHON by leveraging advanced gene therapy technology. Its program NFS-01 targets LHON-ND4 and is under clinical trials in China and in US separately. It is a promising candidate to tackle LHON-ND4.
Today, we have an special interview with Dr. Patrick Yu-Wai-Man to understand his opinion on LHON.